Holistic Chiropractic & Naturopathic Care for the Whole Family

We help busy families thrive at any stage of life from pregnancy, pediatrics, & beyond.

Life is too short to be tolerating poor health, aches & pains, and a body that holds you back from truly living.

YOU were designed for more.

We don’t just care about your pain and symptoms,
we care about the WHOLE you and seeing you THRIVE!

“It took me years of going to different chiropractors and not getting any relief. The first time I came to Primal, I was in so much back pain and after our consultation and adjustment and I walked out of the office pain free! I had forgotten what it was like to be pain free. Primal has also helped me tremendously through two pregnancies and dealing with horrible sciatic pain and I’m forever grateful.”

- Caitlyn K

“I first came to Primal Practice because a friend told me they had helped with her migraines. At the time I was experiencing 1-2 a week. That was back in April, and during the past 7 months, I have only experienced 4 migraines! Another plus, my adjustments stick! I would recommend these guys to anyone, but if you experience migraines this is a stone you should not leave unturned!”

- Daisy S

“I had tried many chiropractors in Missoula and never got in a consistent rhythm. Primal changed all that. I’ve noticed so many different aspects in my life change with my consistency at the chiropractor, everything from my sleep improving, digestive health, and mental clarity. I can’t recommend Primal enough!”

- Zach G

“My appointment today was the most thorough and specific one I think I’ve ever had with a medical practitioner. Thank you. You explained all of the results. You provided analogies that were non-medical speak. You answered questions. You tied things together. You were curious. You offered a full 75 minutes of conversation. You helped me understand. Thank you for offering your knowledge and service.”

- Larry C

How it Works

Step 1

Health Breakthrough Evaluation

We dive deep into your history and what has led you up to the point of seeking our help. By uncovering the root cause, we are able to determine the best next steps to reaching all of your health goals

Step 2

Follow customized plan

Your plan of care is designed specifically for you and your needs and may encompass different modalities to achieve fast and efficient results

Step 3

Regain your life, maximize and maintain results

Utilize wellness care on your terms. We will support you every step of the way, no matter how you choose to be supported.



Naturopathic Primary Care

Regenerative Medicine + Stem cell

Soft Tissue Therapy

IV Therapy

Ultimate Healthy Habits Guide + Tracker

Without solid habits in place, no matter what you do or who you enlist on your healthcare team, nothing will stick. This guide will help you identify and track habits that will positively impact your life in these 6 areas: health, emotional, social, spirituality, financial and intellectual.

Stop Letting Your Body Keep You From Living

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