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Wellness Tools Now available!

Out of nowhere I had debilitating back pain… kind of ironic for a chiropractor don’t ya think?

Lifes’ stress can overwhelm us when we least expect it and not only is it uncomfortable at the least, downright painful at the worst, it’s inconvenient.

I utilized all of the tools in my toolbox - adjustments, massage, meditation, rest, gentle movement, energy work and while it got better, I was getting kind of desperate to take the pressure off.

I’m sure that you’ve been there. It’s our body crying out for help.

I decided it was time to add to my arsenal, and I made an appointment for red light therapy at CryoMethod. The difference was significant! I could stand up straight, I could move without having to take the utmost care and my pain was significantly improved.

I went back later in the week to continue my healing and was again blown away by the difference in how my body felt after a session.

I needed to look into this more. Check out this article for the benefits of Red Light Therapy. As I considered making this part of my regular routine, I got stuck on another appointment that I would add to my already packed schedule.

So I started to explore at home devices and settled on this one. Adding this has been a game changer. I can use it at my leisure and help support the amazing healing capacity of my body, however I don’t have to make an appointment, find a sitter, or take time out of my already busy schedule.

So, with that all I said, I’m excited to offer it to you! We have 2 Mito Red Light Therapy Belts for check it in the office to help you manage acute pain on your own time.

Starting on January 23rd, for the low introductory rate of $35/week you can try it out and see the benefits for yourself.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Peace, Love & Wellness
Dr. Liz

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