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Adaptation is the name of the game. If we stop adapting, we die. Harsh reality, but a fact nonetheless. In the office we talk about the 4T’s. These are overarching stressors that our bodies must continually adapt to. In this 4 part series, we will cover each of the T’s, so you can be aware of them and utilize this knowledge to improve your adaptation skills.

Today we are talking about TRAUMA. Trauma is the easiest stressor to wrap our heads around. When we trip and fall it places a stress on our body. When we sit at our desks for extended periods we place stress on our body.

The amount of time that people come into the office with pain and dysfunction and say that ‘they didn’t do anything’ is astonishing. The physical trauma we experience can build up over time. The minor car accident that you had five years ago, could be the reason why you’re now experiencing mid back pain.

Trauma can be categorized into macro and micro. Macro trauma is the accidents or one time events such as trip and fall, car accidents, and birth. Micro trauma is the repetitive stress that is placed on the body on a regular basis - prolonged posture at a desk, unsupported sleep posture and holding our babies. Each of these events causes the body to adapt to the traumatic input so that it can continue functioning.

When the trauma stressors overwhelms our bodies ability to adapt, the body’s ability to heal and function is diminished. This leads to symptoms showing up to grab your attention that you need to make a change. Some trauma cannot be avoided, it’s the nature of acute injury, however many times by being intentional about how you’re utilizing your body you can minimize the daily trauma your body is under.

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Dr. Liz

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