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Adaptation is the name of the game. If we stop adapting, we die. Harsh reality, but a fact nonetheless. In the office we talk about the 4T’s. These are overarching stressors that our bodies must continually adapt to. In this 4 part series, we will cover each of the T’s, so you can be aware of them and utilize this knowledge to improve your adaptation skills.

Our world is full of TOXINS, from the food we eat to the pollutants in our air to what we put on our skin. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to escape the toxins in our lives. Today there are over 7000 made or imported chemicals utilized for industrial, agricultural and personal care in amounts ranging from 25,000 to over 1 million pounds per year. Fewer than 5% have been tested for developmental toxicity. This means that we have no idea how these chemicals are affecting our children! That is why it’s imperative that we are mindful of our environment, food and products in our lives.

In the office, we can give you recommendations to help you make better choices in regards to what you’re eating, what you’re putting on your skin and the products you’re using. Minimizing exposure to toxins is the name of the game! Identifying times when you may have higher exposure allows you to take preemptive action. This can include dialing in supplements pre and post exposure, minimizing other forms of stress and allowing your body to be supported to process the stressor with rest, chiropractic care, and hydration.

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Dr. Liz

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