BY: Thrive Chiropractic

Grace is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement.

The transitions of life are just as important, if not more, than the place we get to or came from. The picture of me during yoga practice is not a pose, it is a transition from one into another. Needed to move through space and make shapes with the body.

The word grace has come up a lot, it’s all around me. It’s come to me in various ways from the universe… interpretation of the messages are as follows.

Having grace while doing things is something that is important and necessary in order to transcend time and space.

The way you react to things.
The way you respond and move through.
How you make the transitions.

In the past, I have had hard times transitioning from one thing to another especially, in my mind. I would beat myself up, I would complain, I would feel so sad or unhappy. My mind would overthink. My body would ache and hurt all over. I hurt other people’s feelings. I moved harshly and sometimes incognito, both extremes. One was rude and the other was avoidant. Neither were healthy.
We have lots of opportunities to be able to learn this, both big and small. It has taken me a lot of practice and awareness to be able to come face to face with the ability to have grace.

Why is this important? The first word that comes to mind is integrity. I feel like they are directly connected. You can’t have grace without having had integrity first. I have had integrity without grace, so it is possible to still take it one step further. Grace is also another way to show compassion. Compassion to ourselves, not being so hard on ourselves, and compassion to those around us that are affected by the transitions. We are all interconnected and when we show compassion and grace through the tough times in life, or even the easy ones, we show the world a brighter light. A light that shines far out through the galaxy for all to be a witness to and be a part of.

Be aware of how you move through time and space, in order to transcend it.  May you live and travel through life with joy, love and grace.

Repeat this affirmation: I choose to transition through obstacles with grace.

Thanks for reading