BY: Dr. Liz Walker
Alternative Remedies to Boost Immunity

Chiropractic Care and Immunity - how are those two topics related?

We all know stress can take a toll - emotionally, mentally, physically. But what does that mean? It means when we are stressed, we are ill-equipped to handle what life throws at us and therefore can get sick/run down and not feel our best. 

How to manage stress?

Chiropractic care here at Primal Practice focuses on the nervous system and adjustments help balance your nervous system. 

There are two different parts to your nervous system

Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Think “fight or flight” versus “rest and digest”

Which system do you think is going to better serve your immune system? 

Adjustments will help regulate your nervous system, taking you from a higher stress state (Sympathetic Dominance) to a more balanced nervous system (Parasympathetic). 

When you can function in the Parasympathetic state more of the time, this will lead to:

1. Improved sleep - sleep is essential for healing, repair and recovery. If you are not sleeping well, you are not recovering well. Simple as that. 

Improved sleep quality can lead to higher energy levels, leading to ability to exercise and engage in more of the things that are good for you and make you feel good! 

2. Improved digestion / absorption of nutrients. The more relaxed your system is, the more able it is to digest foods better and extract nutrients from food. 

3. Improved posture - better breath mechanics. Average person taking 20,000 breaths per day, how many of those breaths are deep and giving feedback to your system that it is “okay to relax” and “I do not need to be in fight or flight mode right now”

Powerful stuff here we are talking about! The ability to regulate the nervous system will be the most important aspect of a long happy and healthy life.

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