BY: Dr. Liz Walker
Age Related Immunity: A Missoula Chiropractor Explains

There are three main types of immunity

  1. Innate (Natural) Immunity - is the overall system in place, example would be our skin - an external barrier preventing many things from entering into your body. Your innate immunity can be boosted with certain lifestyle practices.
  2. Adaptive Immunity - upon being exposed to a disease or inoculation from a vaccine, the immune system recognizes the foreign invader and is able to adapt (under the right circumstances) and create immunity from the foreign. 
  3. Passive Immunity - borrowed from another - example would be, a mother breastfeeding, whatever the mother is coming into contact with, her immune system is able to provide passive immunity to her child. This is short lasting, typically less than two months.  

The immune system changes as we go through life, starting out undeveloped and fragile as a newborn. Beginning with birth, our immune system is undeveloped and therefore weak. Passive immunity characterizes this early stage of life, where mom passes immunity to the baby via placenta while in utero, and through breastmilk. Gaining strength in the first couple years of life, ages 2-5 is the BEST time to help strengthen your child’s immune system. Peaking in adolescence, and relative steadiness throughout adult years, then later in life the immune system begins to steadily decline. When immunity starts to decline, a higher chance of infections is present and wound healing can diminish.

It is important to remember, a healthy immune system depends on many different factors. I like to think of health as on a continuum. Overall, immunity has many facets - sleep quality, stress levels, hydration status, diet, exercise levels, mental health, support systems - all of these supporting a healthy immune system. 

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